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pc 7 luglio - Notizie dalla battaglia di Amburgo al G20

Friday July 7

G20 summit protests LIVE: Hamburg news updates as THOUSANDS protest Trump, Putin, Erdogan

THE G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, is the scene of violent protests, with thousands of demonstrators marching against Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Here is the latest news and live updates from Hamburg.

Burning cars fill streets following protests in Hamburg

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  • Hamburg erupted into violence last night as anticapitalist protestors demonstrated against the G20 summit.
  • Masked thugs threw smoke bombs and glass bottles at German police officers, who fired water cannons and pepper spray.
  • At least 76 police officers were hurt, with many protestors suffering severe injuries from police batons.

  • Melania Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull were trapped in hotels due to protests.

Friday July 7

2.45pm: At least 160 officers have been injured in the protest, Hamburg police have said.
Forces from around the country have sent reinforcements to the port city to support the 15,000 officers already on the streets.
At least 15 people have been arrested and many more have been held for questioning. Officials have not released a figure for the number of protesters injured.
2.36pm: Hamburg police have arrested leftwing extremists from France, the Netherlands and Switzerland, according to  German newspaper Die Welt.
Other foreign protesters have been turned away at the border and reinforcements have been sent from across Germany to Hamburg, the newspaper said.
2.10pm: Armed military vehicles have been pictured travelling towards Altona in Hamburg, where police are under attack from protesters.
The vehicles were transporting materials on orders from the police, a German army source told German news site Spiegel.
Hamburg Police tweeted: ‘We are receiving no support from the army at the G20. There are clear constitutional limits on how we operate.”

Police officer shot in Hamburg
A police officer was shot last night in Hamburg
12.50pm: Police in Hamburg have reportedly been attacked with Molotov cocktails, Germany’s The Local have reported.
Officials have also shared a photo of an officer with a bullet wound in his upper arm.

He is said to have sustained the injury last night. Police say it was not an isolated incident.

12.00pm: Melania Trump is trapped in a building in Hamburg amid chaotic protests against the G20 summit.
Journalist Claudia Mathe tweeted that she “cannot leave her building in Hamburg due to demonstrations”.
A spokesman for the First Lady said: “We have not received the all-clear from police to leave the residence.”
11.20am: Police in Hamburg have appealed for nationwide reinforcements as violent clashes continue to break out in the port city.
10.36am: Police in Hamburg have updated the number of officers injured in the protests to 111.
In a statement, they added that 44 people have been arrested.
Authorities ave not given any details on the number of protestors who have been hurt.
9.14am: Police cleared dozens of protestors who attempted to block cars from accessing the G20 summit venue, Hamburg’s Trade Fair and Congress Centre.
Officers have also removed demonstrators from in front of the guest house of the Hamburg Senate, where US President Donald Trump is staying.
Elsewhere in the city’s Altona district, a police operation is underway against “violent individuals” who threw petrol bombs and set fire to cars near a police station.
8.30am: Protests continue this morning as the G20 summit gets underway, with around 100,000 anticapitalists expected to descend on Hamburg.
One street in the German city has been blocked by hundreds of protestors staging a sit-in.
Firefighters are still putting out blazes after several fires were set alight during last night’s protests.
7.30am: German authorities have said that at least 76 police officers were injured in last night’s violence.
A spokesman for Hamburg’s police force said that most officers sustained light injuries.
Many protestors were hurt, including several with severe injuries form police batons, said Andreas Blechschmidt, one of the organisers of the march.
There are unconfirmed reports that one of the protestors suffered life-threatening injuries.
Firefighters in HamburgREUTERS
Firefighters in Hamburg are still putting out cars set ablaze
A car is torched as violence erupts in Hamburg
Protestors light a fire in the streets of Hamburg 
Thousands of protestors have taken to the streets of Hamburg
Residents and businesses have been barricading their doors and windows to drown out he constant wail of police sirens and water cannons.

Riot police wrestle with a protestor during the G20 demo
2.18pm: Thousands of G20 protestors in Hamburg have triggered a massive counter-demonstration operation from Hamburg police.

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