Chaos has erupted in the streets of Washington as more than 200 anti-Trump supporters have been arrested following a violent clash with police against the Republican's inaugaration.
Protesters have set the American flag on fire in the middle of the street while armed with crowbars and batons.
Riot police deployed tear gas and stun grenades in a bid to disperse the crowds in a protest that is being described as the most violent and angry yet.A DC Police Department spokesman said 217 protesters had been arrested so far, all charged with riotingand due in court tomorrow

Trump inauguration:  Chaos erupts in Washington as protests clash with police
Arrests have also been made for "acts of vandalism and destruction of property".
A group of masked activists have been filmed smashing windows of shops as they run through the streets of the city with flags bearing the anarchist symbol.
One man dressed in black smashed the window of a McDonald's with a hammer, while others tipped over bins.
Confrontations began an hour before Trump took the oath of office and escalated several hours later as the crowds swelled to more than 1,000, some wearing gas masks and with arms chained together.Protesters and supports for and against President Elect Donald Trump descend on Washington DC on the day he becomes President of the United States of America
Police deployed tear gas in an attempt to disperse the crowds 
A woman has milk poured into her eye after being hit by pepper spray Protesters demonstrate on the streets of Washington, DC, during the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump.
Protesters demonstrate on streets of Washington during presidential inauguration of Trump 

The city has been compared to a "war zone" as protesters reportedly set alight bus stations while shouting "this is what a police state looks like".
A couple of police officers have been injured and taken to hospital.
Pictures of egged buildings and shattered ATMs are being posted on Twitter amid reports of looting.Video thumbnail, Flag burning: Rioting in Washington and protests across America as Trump becomes president
VIDEO: Rioting and violent protests in Washington

Demonstrators chanting "f*** Trump" blocked an entrance to the inauguration by linking arms to prevent people gaining access.
Cops gave chase to the group of rioters who claim they are denouncing capitalism.
Just blocks away from Trump’s inaugural parade route another chaotic confrontation saw pepper spray and stun grenades launched by cops.
Police clash with anti-Trump supporters as riots break out downtown 
A Starbucks window was smashed by demonstrators along with other businesses 
Scenes of carnage have been described as 'terrifying' by locals 
The city has been described as a "war zone" in one of the most violent protests in years 
A Washington Post reporter was violently thrown to the ground by police.
While, Olympic diver Luis Villlarroel was pictured with cuts to his hand after protesters smashed his limo as he tried to escape the carnage.
A limousine was set on fire on 13th and K street near Trump's parade route.
As the new president made his way down Constitution Avenue with a military escort, the limo was set ablaze only streets away, outside the Washington Post building.Video thumbnail, Washington Post reporter Dalton Bennett thrown to the ground by riot police
VIDEO: Washington Post reporter thrown to ground by riot police
A man is washed with water after being sprayed by police pepper spray
Flash grenades went off prompting a mini stampede on K Street as more police arrived in a effort to calm the situation.
Young Trump supporters began flowing into the edges of the scene. Both sides engaged in taunts. At one point chants of "Not my president" competed with "Trump, Trump, Trump."
Footage of a Trump supporter being punched in the face also emerged earlier today.
"The message I want to send is that Trump does not represent this country.
"He represents the corporate interests," said Jessica Reznicek, a 35-year-old Catholic aid worker from Iowa.Video thumbnail, Violence erupts in Washington as limousine set on fire in middle of Trump parade
Aggressive scenes: limousine set on fire 'in middle of Trump parade'
Hundreds of police were called in to try and calm the situation 
A limo was vandalised and believed to have been planted with a 'bottle rocket'
The disorder appears to be organised, observers have said 

Observers said the disorder appeared to be organised, with the black-clad group splitting from a larger protest before launching the wave of vandalism.
Trump supporter Bernadette Repisky from Pennsylvania said she felt "sorry" for the demonstrators.
"They're so ignorant," she said.
"They can't distinguish between fake news and real news.
"Why can't the police disband them? They're so hateful.
"Donald Trump saved our country."
The fighting and violence came as Donald Trump ushered in a new era of politics when he was sworn in as the 45th president of the US today.
His deeply divisive campaign fuelled the demonstrations, with groups angered by his stance on immigrants and women..
Protesters scuffle with the police as cops fight to keep order on the streets

earlier activists blocked multiple security checkpoints leading to the viewing of ceremony 
The group said it was voicing its "displeasure" over Trump's controversial comments 
Earlier, liberal activists with a separate group called Disrupt J20 intermittently blocked multiple security checkpoints leading to the largest public viewing area for the ceremony.
Several were led away by police.
Disrupt J20 protest organizer Alli McCracken, 28, of Washington, said the group was voicing its displeasure over Trump's controversial comments about women, illegal immigrants and Muslims.

Demonstrators chain themselves together in solidarity 
Black Lives Matter and feminist groups also joined protests 
Confrontations began an hour before Trump took the oath of office 
"We have a lot of people of diverse backgrounds who are against U.S. imperialism and we feel Trump will continue that legacy," McCracken said on a gray morning with light rain.
At one checkpoint, protesters wore orange jumpsuits with black hoods over their faces to represent prisoners in US detention at Guantanamo Bay.
Black Lives Matter and feminist groups also joined protests.
Trump supporters flooded into the capital, many sporting shirts and hats bearing his "Make America Great Again" campaign slogan.Video thumbnail, Anti-Trump protesters shut down security checkpoint ahead of inauguration