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pc 8 ottobre - La rivolta turco-kurda contro i governi e l'imperialismo in Europa, in solidarietà con Kobane - da ATIK Associazione dei lavoratori turchi in Europa

Kurds in Europe Rise up for Kobanê  

8 October 2014 
Den Haag 1EUROPE | 07-10-2014 | Tens of thousands of Kurds have poured into the streets across Turkey, Europe and the world today in solidarity with the Kobanê resistance and in protest against the ongoing intensified attacks of ISIS gangs on the besieged Kurdish town. Demonstrators demanded urgent action worldwide in support of the Kurdish forces fighting inhuman gangs affiliated to the so-called Islamic State.
Hundreds of Kurdish people have staged a protest action at Heathrow airport which has the most intense air traffic in Europe.
Hundreds of Kurdish people have organised a demo at the Heathrow airport in protest at the travel of people freely to join to ISIS in Syria and Iraq via Turkey. The demo which started at the 2.nd Terminal of the airport aimed to halt the flights to Turkey. The number of the people joining the action continued to increase while the crowd chanting slogans “Terrorist ISIS”, “Unite against ISIS”, and “Kobanê is not alone”. Police took intense security measures at the airport.
Last night, another airport in London, Gatwick airport, was also occupied by anti-ISIS Kurdish demonstrators for 3 hours.
Rallies and demos in many cities across Germany continue. While people marched to Turkish embassies in Stuttgart and Munster, the sit-down action in Freiburg continues. People from Kurdistan have marched to the USA embassy in Munich following a meeting at the State parliament.
After gathering at the Scholoss Platz, where the vigil action in support of Kobanê continues for some days, Kurdish people living in Stuttgart marched to the Turkish embassy this morning at 11:00.
The protestors then submitted a dossier to the State Parliament of Baden Würtemberg.
Last night at 1:00 the women living in Stuttgart, Esslingen, Ludwigsburg and the surroundings blockaded the cross road in front of the HBF. The women then went into the airport and held an action of 5 hours at the airport to call attention to the intensified attacks of ISIS on Kobanê.
Hundreds of Kurdish people marched to the Turkish embassy in Münster this morning. The march was attended by a large group of youth as well as the representatives of German democratic organisations.
Another march to the Turkish consulate took place this afternoon starting from the train station in Munster.
The sit-down action in front of the city hall continues in Frankfurt. The city governor Dieter Salamon visited the protestors in order to hear their demands which was that the Kobanê matter must be taken to the Federal Parliament and urgent medical aid must be sent to the besieged Kurdish town. Salamon vowed protestors to have talks with the deputies at the parliament and to put the issue of urgent medical aid under discussion at the meeting of the city council today.
Protestors in front of the city hall organised a march at 17:00.
A solidarity march was held in Oldenburg starting from Bahnhofvarplatz at 16:00.
Kurdish people gathered this morning in front of the government building where the meeting of the Bayern Council of Ministers took place. Speaking to the ministers, the protestors drew attention to the urgency of the situation in Kobanê and called on for urgent medical aid to Kobanê.
The protestors then marched to USA consulate in Munich in demand of urgent action against the ongoing attacks of ISIS on Kobanê.
Kurdish people and their fellows started gathering at the Brandenburg Tor early this morning after hearing reports that the attacks on Kobanê were intensified during last night.
Gatherin in front of the Federal Parliament, American, Russian and French embassies, the protestors demanded urgent action primarily by Germany and the European Union.
Kurdish people in Innsbruck occupied the building of the ruling party SPÖ. The protestors said they would not leave the building until they have a meeting with the party executives. The action is reported to be continuing.
In Brengz, the Kurdish people have occupied the state parliament.
Around 300 Kurdish people occupied HBF following a march. The protestors ended their demo following a statement to the press. Another march has taken place at Haupplatz in Linz at 15:00 today.
Having gathered in front of the HBF, the Kurdish people staged civil disobedience action here for several hours last night. Today a march has been staged to condemn ISIS attacks in Graz at 15:00.
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