mercoledì 13 luglio 2016

pc 13 luglio - Massacri e repressione delle popolazioni in India! Sosteniamo la guerra popolare guidata dai maoisti, la più grande lotta antimperialista al mondo - Comitato di sostegno internazionale

Dandacaranya - the Song by Oskar from the group Naxaliterna (the naxalites)


The Sun is rising in Dandacaranya
the eyes of the trees see a people so proud
The Sun is shining and the rivers run free 
Praise the people of  Dandacaranya
The Heart of India covered in darkness, 
Souless soldiers villages burn
For nothing but money so turns this world
Guns to our head 
But we are not dead
No Stay ! Adivasis say 
The Indian Army must run away
A future worth fighting for
Deep in the forests of Dandacaranya

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