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pc 10 luglio - Dacca-Bangladesh imperialismo e terrorismo - ampia circolazione della presa di posizione di proletari comunisti - PCm Italia - traduzione inglese

Nota de ODC: A continuación traducción a castellano de algunas partes destacadas del comunicado y el comunicado completo en inglés.
Bangla Desh - Dhaka - 'terrorismo' y imperialismo
El ataque fundamentalista islámico en Dhaka ha puesto de relieve lo que realmente sucede en Bangladesh. Desde hace mucho tiempo, Bangladesh se ha convertido en uno de los centros de explotación de los trabajadores por parte de las grandes empresas multinacionales textiles".
El verdadero terrorismo en el mundo es siempre el imperialismo, incluyendo italiano.
Sucede que la crisis internacional y las disputas internas dentro de la clase dominante han traído una mezcla de ingobernabilidad y la dictadura brutal; detrás tanto de la superexplotación de los trabajadores y de los niños que trabajan y de la situación general en Bangladesh existe la propagación de la miseria y la pobreza en uno de los países más poblados del mundo, en una zona central del sur de Asia, donde el hegemonismo de la India, la alianza India-Estados Unidos con las clases dominantes de Bangladesh se incrementan en su servicio.
Una mezcla que fomenta el odio y la rebelión en esta zona, que las fuerzas fundamentalistas islámicas más estructuradas han canalizado y cuyo resultado es también una estrategia de ataques indiscriminados.
Pero, una vez más, el imperialismo, las clases dominantes, la prensa internacional entierran sus cabezas en la arena.
Recientemente, el Gobierno de Bangladesh ha llevado a cabo 11.000 detenciones, por lo menos igualmente indiscriminadas que los ataques, y nadie en el mundo ha hablado de Terrorismo de Estado y los derechos humanos.
The Islamic fundamentalist attack in Dhaka has spotlighted what really happens in Bangladesh. Since long time, Bangladesh has become one of the centers of exploitation of the workers by the big textile
The horrible Rana massacre occurred on April 2013 in Dhaka, where an eight-storeys building collapsed and nearly 400 workers died, while working without of the most basic conditions of security and producing goods for multinational companies, Benetton included, had already shown what is hidden behind the large textile industry in Bangladesh. After the Rana massacre, workers sought to organize and develop a struggle to improve their working and living conditions, getting as compensation even more repression and massive arrests that involved any kind of political opposition activists.
Those killed by the attack of July 1st, major or lesser pawns they were, were part of the horrible world that produces this condition. Italian Imperialism, through the spokespersons of the government, does not say a word about all this and transforms those people, entrepreneurs, etc. in "martyrs."
But martyrs are very different. The real terrorism in the world is always imperialism, including Italian.
Clearly, something else happensin Dhaka. It happens that the international crisis and the inner disputes within the ruling class have brought a mixture of ungovernability and brutal dictatorship; behind both the super-exploitation of workers and child laborers and the overall situation in Bangladesh there is the spread of misery and poverty in one of the most populous countries in the world, in a central area of South Asia, where Indian hegemonism, India-US alliance with the ruling classes of Bangladesh at their service increase.
A mixture that fosters hatred and rebellion in this area, that the most structured Islamic fundamentalist forces have channeled and whose outcome is also a strategy of indiscriminate attacks.
But, once again, imperialism, the ruling classes, the international press bury their heads in the sand.
Recently, the Government of Bangladesh has carried out 11,000 arrests, at least equally indiscriminate as the attacks, and nobody in the world has raised problems of state terror and human rights.
As the same time, the press reported that the attackers made reasonable requests, during the action. And the answer was the raid, with silence of media and not a witness. No one can reasonably say that the dead were not caused by the raid. At the same time, in a mysterious way, Italian government and Italian ambassador, embedded in the reactionary armed forces of Bangladesh, say things that have no actual confirmation.
It is useful to recall here that, about the killings in Orlando, several international blogs, often well-informed by governmental sources, had already said that no dead occurred before the raid, and it is physically impossible that a single gunman causes such a high number of dead and injured.
It is clear that imperialism, its governments and lackey regimes, choose the option of massacre without witnesses and, then, it is still and always the imperialism that must be placed on trial.
But how does Italian Government respond? On the one hand nothing is said about what actually happened, not a word about the particular character of Italian presence in Bangladesh, with pompous statements about Italy that “is not intimidated”, and meanwhile secret agents are sent to support the repressive forces of that regime. On the other hand, it is now two days that General Bertolini, until yesterday commander of the COI (operational command of armed forces), coordinates missions from our country to abroad, fills the newspapers with statements which calls for more funds for defense, more military interventions, more participation in the wars: "the military instrument per se must be adequately enhanced. We can no longer live in ‘peace and love’. Defense is a strategic asset, but the resources constantly reduced. We must acknowledge that the international situation has changed and it is time to change direction. "
We are on the road traced by US imperialism Obama style who, extolling the raids with drones that have recently caused 116 civilian deaths, speaks about “inevitable consequences”.
In the case of Bangladesh, nobody is given the right to ignore what is the true nature of the "Dhaka factory", as the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera calls the country; nor to ignore analyses that with sufficient accuracy describe how among the peasant population in Bangladesh two basic trends consolidate: that of the people's war and that of a different nature represented by the organized Islamic fundamentalism.
Therefore, there is not an international IS network, which is a tool of imperialist propaganda, behind the actual situation.
Simone Pieranni on newspaper Manifesto writes about the Asian peculiarity: "While in other parts of the world this kind of "fundamentalism" is successful because of the disintegration of the State and cultural identities, as result of the devastating Western wars (it should be said always imperialist, Pieranni - ed); in Bangladesh it is not directly the war but rather the social violence, exploitation by manufacturing multinationals, the repeated inner political struggles that create a problem of despair."
Pieranni, like others of the Western left, uses the category of "despair", while it is clearly that what we face is instead a rebellion, now right, now misguided; now in the big relocated factories, theatre of massive strikes, now in the countryside.
In Italy there is a large community of Bangladeshi immigrants. It is important, on the one hand, to defend them from the usual and obvious racist hysteria of Salvini and his associates, and also, on the other hand, to help them to bring in our country the actual reality of Bangladesh and how imperialist exploitation and terror "come back home".
PCm Italy
july 2016

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