mercoledì 1 ottobre 2014

pc 1 ottobre - Successo per il Meeting Internazionalista in Italia organizzato dal Comitato internazionale di sostegno alla guerra popolare in India

Success for International Meeting in Milan organised by ICSPWI! - in the next days the ICSPWI's official meeting's declaration.

           Lal salaam to PCI (M)!
Comrades, people's of India, you are not alone!
           Long live the10th anniversary!

           Long live the people's war in India!
Large and representative partecipation from variuos countries in the world!
Big internationalist unity in the support to people's war and PCIm!
Decided a new international day of support to  people's war in India!
Advances the organisation of the International delegation in India!

International  Committee Support People's War  India
28 september 2014

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