sabato 10 marzo 2018

pc 10 marzo - Argentina - 8 marzo grande sciopero e manifestazioni per il diritto di aborto

This Tuesday women took to the streets to demonstrate for the legalization of abortions. 

After many years and many attempts this issue has finally managed to find its way into

 the Argentinian Congress.This event saw hundreds of women unite in front of the 

government to protest and make their voices heard.

In Argentina abortions are to its greatest part illegal. In just a few cases, 

like when a pregnancy results because of rape, does the state tolerate abortions. 

In all other cases women face persecution, but that is the least of their worries. 

With nonlegal means to get an abortion, women resort to clandestine treatments, 

which are known for causing many complications, in many cases even putting the 

woman's life in danger.

These abortions are known to take place around 500.000 times each year! 

It's no wonder that it are these clandestine abortions, which have made recent protests

 grow bigger and louder. These procedures can cause serious injuries to a woman's body. 

he situation is that bad, that the number of hospitalizations is in the thousands.

Some women decided to try to reduce the harm by launching a website with the aim to

inform women on how to properly conduct such abortions. the website offers them tips

 and also people to talk with, since the whole topic remains in illegality. 

This of course is only a band aid and not a real solution. Without professional

personal and help, these women will always put their lives at risk for undergoing an abortion. 

To no one's surprise the main opposer happens to be no other than the Catholic Church. 

This patriarchal institution is expected to soon take place in the current debates, which will 

try to undermine the protest's achievements and progress, but the women of Argentina will 

not budge. They have been going strong for years and their fight is starting to show positive 

results. They have stated that even if they don't succeed, they will keep fighting until they

 achieve their goal. This goes to show their unwavering resolve and revolutionary spirit, 

which will push forward their protests

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