mercoledì 6 aprile 2011

pc 6 aprile - dal nepal il sostegno alla guerra popolare in India

Revolutionary Solidarity
Let us condemn the state terror on the oppressed people of India by Indian reactionary government.
Let us unite in support of the Great People's War of India.
 First of all we would like to express our strong solidarity to the International Campaign in support of People’s War in India.

 Marxism–Leninism –Maoism: Zindawad
New Democratic Revolution: Zindawad
The Great Peoples War of Indaia: Zindawad
 April 4, 2011                                                          
 Rishi Raj Baral
  Revolutionary Intellectual –Cultural Forum, Nepal

We Nepalise intellectuals, who faught ten years people's war with pen and gun, have formed a Revolutionary Intellectual–Cultural Forum. Just now we have a statement in support of people's war of India .

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