sabato 21 gennaio 2017

pc 21 gennaio - Proteste in tutti gli USA contro Trump 2

San FranciscoBostonLos Angeles

Thousands of people in a number of different protests marched in the rain against Trump, converging at City Hall.

One protestor said, "This is not the same thing as any other time in history where you've had a new president. As a teacher, I feel like we're in a lot of danger here."
Hundreds of protesters marched and rallied in the downtown area. Anti-Trump slogans were heard in different languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Chinese

Protesters started early Friday morning to block the gates of the ICE (the federal immigration agency) offices in San Francisco, calling out Trump-Pence fascist program targeting immigrants as well as women, Muslims and others.

Hundreds of anti-Trump protesters marching in financial district of San Francisco

New York City

Event at Whitney Museum as part of the nationwide #J20 Art Strike. Artists, writers and others spoke of their “plans for acts of creative resistance to the toxic political climate surrounding the ascendance” of Donald Trump.

Refuse Fascism protest at Trump Tower in New York City.

Denver, Colorado

Hundreds of people marched through downtown Denver Friday morning, carrying cash-leaking effigies of Trump and signs against his attacks on rights. 

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